The relationships and partnerships FNS has with Aboriginal communities, directly or indirectly, create value for our students as they grow in knowledge through our institution and move on to employment or graduate studies.

Faculty, staff and students are very busy each year attending local, regional, national, and international conferences, meetings and festivals. Many of the faculty, staff, and students have ongoing relationships with Aboriginal leaders and organizations, and the reciprocal relationships are evident throughout the Faculty.

The Faculty’s mission:

To CONNECT with COMMUNITIES is one of the benchmarks reported on each year.

  • Interact and connect with Communities (locally, nationally, & globally) --- community visits; research partnerships; learning partnerships; events; national programs; research dissemination; and conferences. 
  • Dissemination of the relevance of Indigenous perspectives --- conferences; speaking engagements; book launches, publications. 
  • Elder in residence program --- Elder visits, talks, contributions (funded through our Elders Endowment) 
We also regularly highlight Alumni contributions, and profile student successes. We encourage Volunteerism from our Community, and from Current Faculty, Students and Staff.